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Tobi is a business startup and the founder of a digital learning community and he recounts his experience during his first business counseling session with APLUS Trainers.

The Need: "Being the case that I have little experience about business development, I'd wanted to meet a business expert who can offer guidance in building not just a successful business, but the strategy needed to form a formidable team. Also, to be able to do a holistic evaluation of the whole business idea in order to offer practical perspectives of what is profitably achievable, and how best to go around it"

Outcome: "Mrs. Titi is warm and welcoming- I think this gave me the opportunity to just be...during the meeting. She was quite honest and pragmatic- not out there to just make me feel cool and heady with my ALMIGHTY idea. Her emphasis on the Core Value Proposition was a call to reflect for me. I learnt that its quite easy just to think in solitude that an idea is the global game changer, whereas its just a fantasy"

"Mrs.Titi gave me an access to a lot of relevant information. I almost felt as if she was using another type of google / was an eye-opening experience I must say".

"In conclusion, I can't wait to meet Mrs. Titi again. I'm hoping that I'll give her an Ah Ah..!! moment- I guess I can wait after all"

Business counseling, also known as business mentoring, is a highly effective process that enables business owners to work through, and explore possibilities on the issues affecting theirbusiness.

I have been a business counselor and mentor for ten years now and I have seen how small businesses have grown through the process. Startups in particular are a delight as I like to work with creative ideas from great minds.

Its time small businesses realize the importance of a business counselor/mentor. Do you ever take your car to the carpenter’s workshop when it needs fixing? Why? I am sure it is the fear of getting things totally screwed up by someone who is not trained to handle it. The same goes for your business! When the business is not doing as well and help is needed, when a business idea is seeking expression and structure, a business counselor/mentor is the right place to go and get it sorted. Mentoring, or business counseling, is a process that requires the counselor/mentor and you, the business owner, to look into the core of the business and to work together to develop a plan of action that will guide both you and your business forward.

Business counselors due to their nature sometimes end up solving personal problems too especially if it affects the desired success of the business. Counselors have become trusted friends on the long run as they are there to help. The joy of a business counselor is to see that the client breaks forth and breaks through the barriers. It is most gratifying I must say.

Many of our clients have found it highly useful to meet with one of our mentors at APLUS Trainers to discuss about their particular situation. This sessions usually leads to the client and the mentor agreeing on a specific plan of action to take which could entail carrying out a task or assignment, attending a specific programme, meeting with an expert, writing a business plan, conducting a survey, developing business tools, organizing a brainstorming session with a focus group among other things. The business counseling process is structured with the desired end in mind and a means to measure progress.

If you are considering seeing a business counselor anytime soon, talk to us at APLUS Trainers. Call us on 08037041752 or 08083533172. You can also send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.