They are afraid of looking needy,

They are afraid of looking foolish or

They are afraid of experiencing rejection.

They are afraid of the word NO! But when you don’t ask, you say no to yourself even before anyone else has a chance to. But there is a way to ask.

How should you ask?

Ask with a positive expectation

Ask someone who can give it to you

Ask repeatedly

Be clear and specific

I will tell you the story of a man in ancient Jericho who practiced this principle and got results. His need was so bad he was addressed by this need. He was called blind Bartimaeus. He was a beggar.

One day he heard a multitude passing and someone who could see what the commotion was about. He was told, Jesus the man who healed the blind man in the village of Bethsaida was passing. So he began to shout, Jesus son of David, have mercy on me! The people around him warned him to be quiet but he shouted louder, Jesus! son of David, have mercy on me! This time Jesus heard him, stopped and called for him. The story said he threw away his garment, a symbol of blindness, and was led to Jesus. Jesus asked him ‘what do you want me to do for you? He answered, teacher, that l might receive my sight! Jesus said to him, go your faith has made you well and immediately he received his sight!

This man asked with positive expectation, from who could give to him, he asked repeatedly and was clear and specific about what he wanted and he got it!

What one thing stares you in the face that if you received will change the course of your destiny? I challenge you to take a risk this week and ask for it, if you get a NO, remember it is just an answer but imagine you get a YES! Like blind Bartimeaus your life will take a new turn. For the best! I dare you to ask someone today who has what you need!

Helen Akula CC is a wedding planner and beauty consultant cum Training consultant/facilitator. She is a Toastmaster