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Business Planning & Management for Small and Growing businesses

Those who are already thinking of starting a small business or have just started one and need to build the skills necessary in running the business sustainably and profitably.
Topics to be covered
• Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder (online test from Gallup)
• Business Idea generation
• Ethics and Values
• Conducting Market Research
• Business structuring
• Customer profiling
• Developing your Customer Value Proposition (CVP)
• Financial Planning
• Raising funds to start a business
• Understanding Loans, Interest & repayment
• Managing Finance
• Intellectual Property
• Contracts & Agreements
• Communicating Effectively
• Sales & Marketing
• Networking & Relationship Management
• Negotiation
• Customer Service Excellence
• Building a sustainable business
• Internal Controls
• Developing a blueprint for your business
• Writing a good Business Plan
• The Elevator Pitch

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