Nana Nwachukwu is a lawyer, human rights, evidence-based policy advocate, stakeholder coordination and gender expert with over 11 years’ experience working on governance issues particularly political and civic space engagement, legal reform, legislative processes, and research. Her specialty is targeted at developing, implementing and evaluating development programmes with a bias for rights and social inclusion. More specifically, Nana has been researching digital spaces and the methods of addressing issues on their various platforms. This is with a view to strengthen digital civic spaces as governance and free speech tools.

Nana has a sound experience in policy analysis and initiation of interventions especially from various perspectives having worked on various thematic areas in Nigeria at various levels in government, development and private sector. Nana has provided technical and research support through consultancy to individuals, local and international organisations as well as government institutions on social, economic and political issues. Nana has also designed, managed and evaluated programmes aimed at improving the lives and outcomes for women and young people in different sectors such as education, justice, democratic governance, extractives, housing, agriculture, the economy as well as ensuring quantitative and qualitative research on economic and social policies that lead to poverty reduction in Nigeria.

Nana is the Executive Producer of StepUptheVote a project focused on Youth participation in the governance process. She currently consults for Open Society for Justice Initiative, the Embassy of France, Government of Ekiti State and DFID. She serves on the board of TechHerNG, Anvari Tech Ltd/Gte Enzinari Resources and is an IVLP Alumni.

Nana is currently tracking and monitoring the implementation of Facebook and Twitter implementation user guidelines for community safety.